How Would You Like to Tap into the Fastest-Growing Market in North America, with a Buying Power Close to $1.3 Trillion — also, the Third Most-Spoken Language Over the Internet?


Here are 2 Top Reasons Why Many Businesses and Marketers Have Failed over and over again, in Their Attempts to Reach the Spanish Market


They’ve used an Automatic Translation Tool for their Spanish Translation, English to Spanish

A machine translation can produce a text that is readable, yet a content full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that can distract the reader, and hurt the creditability of your products or services.

They’ve lacked understanding when it comes to Spanish-speaking countries, and the cultural diversity within this Market

Marketing to the Hispanic Population has many challenges. Country of origin, level of acculturation, language preference, place of residence, socio-economical levels and socio-cultural backgrounds are among the many factors that create this market diversity.

Put another way, a good understanding of the Spanish culture, and an excellent communication of the Spanish language are crucial when attempting to reach this market.


But What If You Could Become One of the Few Businesses, and Marketers Who Has, Successfully and Effectively, Tapped into this Market?


  “…exceptional, excellent experience.”


I hired Alex to create online ads for my online store with eBay Spain, in less than a week I got lots of sales. He also helped me to come up with the names and designs for two of my latest training aids “A99 Golf Swing Fan & Power Contact Bag.” A real gentleman, and a very creative person. Pleasant experience working with him.


Michael Li   (founder of A99 Golf)


…Is Your Marketing Campaign To The Spanish Market Giving You Lots of Sales, in Less Than a Week?


If not, Here Are Some of The Benefits You Get Right Now by Using Spanish–Copywriter for Your Marketing Campaign to the Spanish Audience?


You have peace of mind that you are working with someone who has a great understanding of the cultural diversity among the Spanish Countries

Canada is a multicultural society, in terms of culture and language. Much of this diversity is concentrated in Ontario, particularly in the metropolitan region of Toronto. That means, during my 10 plus years in this country, I have had the chance to interact with people from Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Paraguay, El Salvador, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, and so forth.

You rest in the fact I know the differences between the English, and the Spanish culture

I was born and lived the first 2o years of my life in Cuba, then I moved to Canada. Contrary to U.S., you don’t find many Cubans living here. Hence, in order for you to succeed, you need to learn the language—and become part of the culture.

Automatically, you have a translator and a Bilingual Copywriter working for you

You could run a Bilingual marketing campaign, or have all your English marketing products translated into Spanish.

Are You Ready To Become One of First Business Owner, and Online Marketer Who Has Successfully Tapped into the Spanish Market?


Contact me Now! Let me help you produce a professional translation, or a compelling website and sales copy, that will not only motivate your readers to action and convert your visitors into customers, but above all — it will produce sustainable results for your business.

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